Finally, Chamber publications your way!

Our Model

Our model is different, but simple. Think of us as the general contractor on your publishing project. You make the decisions. We carry them out, managing the project, subcontractors and other resources for you.

Our Projects

What sets CMP apart from turnkey publishers is that we work with you to produce a truly customized publication. When you work with us, we deliver a final product that reflects the unique character of your community and fulfills the goals that you set out to achieve.

What Our Clients Say

“We made five times more profit on our Directory… It’s a partnership that works.”

– David Eads, Executive Vice President & COO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

What we offer

Complete Financial Control

You have total control over the finances. We work with you to establish a budget for your project and we provide complete financial transparency throughout the process. When your members pay for their advertising, they write the checks to the Chamber, not CMP.



Professional Project Management

Our team of professionals has decades of experience managing publications and working with chambers of commerce. We’ll make sure your project stays on track and that the final product is a powerful tool for promoting your community and your members.

Increased Revenue

It’s a fact. Chambers that publish in-house tend to earn higher returns on their projects than those that use a turnkey publisher. Overwhelmingly, CMP clients make more revenue on their projects than when they were using an outside publisher or when they were trying to publish on their own.

Sales Cycle Management

We’re often asked, who sells the ads? It’s your choice. You can sell them internally, using one of your staff members, or we can find a qualified sales professional to sell your advertising. Whatever route you choose, we’ll take care of managing the sales cycle for you, making sure deadlines are met, artwork and copy is received and that your valued members are treated with professionalism and gratitude.

Customized Editorial Strategy

We take the time to understand your city and what is important to your members, your advertisers and your readers. Your publication needs to be customized for your community, not built from a cookie-cutter template. That’s what generates readership, ad sales participation and value.

Opportunity to use local vendors

You’re a chamber. It’s important to your members that you do business, when possible, locally, with member vendors. With CMP, you can do that. We’re happy to invite your members into the RFP process on your project, providing them with the opportunity to bid on printing, photography, design and other aspects of the project.

We also provide…

Member Verification Services

To ensure that your member data is up to date, and to provide affordable visibility upgrades for smaller business budgets.

Custom Distribution Plan

We’ll help you keep your promise to your member advertisers with a custom strategy that gets your guides out of the closet and into your community where they belong.

Social Media Support

By leveraging the goldmine of content within your guide, we provide a custom social media plan that keeps your publication top-of-mind with advertisers and your community all year round, and helps you keep your social media platforms hopping with engaging posts.

Dedicated Publication Websites

Can the CMP model work for your chamber?

Our model is proven, but it is not the right solution for every chamber. Find out if partnering with Chamber Marketing Partners makes sense for your chamber by answering three simple questions.

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