Going in-house can provide substantial rewards; it can also create huge challenges. A handful of chambers are very successful with their in-house publishing program. Many are doing an adequate job drawing on their member resources. Others are really struggling with an in-house publishing project. And many have tried it and got so burned, they'll never do it again.

Consider that almost all successful business people, winning sports teams, highly effective leaders and outstanding students seek out the help of mentors, coaches and tutors to be the best they can be.


Consider the following:

When staff time is factored in, most in-house publishing projects actually lose money. With CMP to coach your project and provide complete project management, you free-up your staff to be more productive.

How much time is your staff committing to an in-house publishing project versus investing their time on other revenue generating activities? By outsourcing the project management to CMP, staff is free to focus on the high-value stuff while we manage the publishing stuff.


Steven Rose, CEO of the Culver City, CA Chamber had been publishing in-house for 22 years.  On his 700 member chamber, ad sales had dropped to $27,000. While his return was 19%, pretty high versus a royalty, the $5,000 profit wasn't worth the staff time and he wanted to kill it.  His board said NO! and suggested he find someone to help.  Four years after hiring CMP, ad sales are back into the mid-$50,000s and more importantly, Steve's profit is a healthy $20,000 (35% return on sales) and his staff is no longer burdened.


Steve Rose shares why he hired outside expertise to help his in-house publishing program soar.



If your in-house publishing project is successful, then congratulations again. If you think your in-house project could perform better, send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give a call at (800) 428-1798 x101 and ask a few questions. We love to talk shop.


Chamber Marketing Partners' coaching helps turn a good in-house publishing program into a great, high-performance non-dues revenue machine.

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