More Non-Dues Revenue Podcasts

More Non-Dues Revenue is an occasional Webinar/Podcast series sponsored by Chamber Marketing Partners where we interview chamber of commerce leaders and visionaries to share their creative, entrepreneurial non-dues revenue ideas for chambers of commerce and associations.


Is Publishing In-House Worth The Effort?

An engaging and informative webinar with a panel of three chamber CEOs as we discuss if producing their chamber of commerce  in-house and we will hear if it was worth the effort. Discussion includes whether the non-dues revenue generated through in-house publishing is...

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“I enjoyed it and it was very informative. Thank you. Please feel free to send me invites for upcoming seminars.”

Shauna Zuniga

Director of Operations & Finance, Mesa Chamber of Commerce

“I have enjoyed all your webinars. I might not be able to attend the day of, but I have watched them on Youtube.”

Juli Vieira

President & CEO, Sausalito Chamber of Commerce

“This type of an event, is really what is the best for chamber executives, chamber staffs, to learn best practices and new ideas.”

Bruce Hillegeist

President, Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce

“Its great to hear the perspective and experiences of other chambers. I especially liked the idea of having segmented publications to reach specific markets rather than trying to fit all information in a directory. Thank you for organizing the event!”

Stephanie Juarez-Ventura

Communications Manager, Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce