It’s Ed Burzminski from Chamber Marketing Partners and we’re talking about distributing your chamber of commerce business directory or other publications when you get them to make sure your advertisers and your members get as much visibility as possible.

The Chamber of Commerce Business Directory Is Here. Now, What?

Say you get 10,000 copies of the chamber of commerce business directory that are dropped on your doorstep on five pallets. What are you going to do with them?

One of the ways that some chambers distribute their publication is through what’s called an “Operation Thank You.” That’s where the chamber takes on the distribution of the business directory, primarily to members, using volunteers. Volunteers will get together and pick out a route of where they’re going to go. Each volunteer takes a box or two of the publications and their list of members that they’re going to go visit.

What’s nice about that is that it gives the member another touch. So, the chamber is reaching out and touching that member and communicating with that member. It’s an opportunity for that volunteer to ask questions,  “how are things going with your business, is there anything else that the chamber could be doing to help your business, did you know that the chamber has these particular products and services available to help your business?” So it’s another touch point for communicating and connecting with your members.

What does it cost? It usually just costs some pizzas to the volunteers. Once they’re done, they’re hungry and they want to come in and have some food

So it’s a great way to get that distribution taken care of. Volunteers go out and visit members and come back with feedback for the chamber, then the membership staff can follow up on the feedback that has come back. So, “Operation Thank You” is a very popular and inexpensive way to get the chamber of commerce business directory out to the membership.

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