Frequently Asked Questions

Our model is simple, but it is unique. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about how the Chamber Marketing Partners model works. Have other questions that aren’t addressed here? Contact us.

How is the CMP model different from working with a turnkey chamber directory publisher?

Think of Chamber Marketing Partners as the general contractor on your membership directory, community guide or other publication. The Chamber hires CMP to manage the process and any subcontractors or other resources needed to complete the project. Where our model is very similar to a traditional chamber directory publisher is that once the project is underway, we manage the entire process. Where our model is different from a turnkey chamber directory publisher is that the Chamber is in complete control. It’s your project, you make the decisions, we carry them out. Something our client chambers really appreciate about our model is that the Chamber controls the finances and the project’s budget. When your members invest in advertising, they write the checks to the Chamber, not CMP. The money stays local and you control it, protecting your chamber from the all-too familiar collapsing chamber directory publisher scenario.

Who sells the advertising?

You make that decision. A lot of the chambers that we work with choose to utilize their membership sales team to sell the advertising. That works for us, and we can even provide some sales coaching and sales cycle management along the way. If that’s not a feasible option, we have a pool of successful sales professionals that we can bring onto your project, or we can recruit a sales person from your community to sell the advertising.

How long does it take to produce a publication?

It takes about six months from the start of sales to the delivery of the final product.

Can we use a local printer or other members on the project?

Of course! It’s your project, you make the decisions. We are happy to include your members in the RFP process for printing and other aspects of your project.

Do you provide an online version?

Yes, we provide all of our chamber clients with a digital flip book of their publication that is easily linked to your chamber’s website and  distributed via email or social media.

My publisher is going out of business, can you help?

In some cases, yes. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes chamber directory publishers encounter problems that ultimately lead to their demise. When that happens, chambers can be left with no royalty, no publication, and in the worst scenarios, no refunds for members who have already paid for advertising. We’ve helped chambers recover from these situations and we may be able to help your organization. Every case is different. Contact us if you’re having trouble. We’ll let you know if we can help. If we can’t help, we’ll be happy to give you some input on what your best options might be.

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Isn’t print dead or at least dying?

If you’re doing it right, no. If your publication is solely a chamber membership directory, then chances are it has become irrelevant. We help chambers transition those tired old business directories into contemporary publications that showcase their member businesses and position their communities as outstanding places to live, work and play. We work with our chamber clients to pinpoint the audiences they want to reach and to develop relevant and interesting content to help them tell the stories of their communities.

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