To Sell or Not to Sell During Coronavirus Pandemic

by | Mar 18, 2020

With the Coronavirus disrupting nearly everyone, are people really interested in talking about advertising right now?

It’s a tricky question.  The stock market is in freefall and no cure for the Coronavirus on the horizon yet, people are scared.  To limit exposure, businesses are being mandated to telecommute, or to flat-out shut down for weeks at a time.  It’s important to be top-of-mind with advertising, but things feel different right now. 

So, should you reach out to people about advertising?  Our sales team feels that being reactive rather than proactive is the right choice for a bit.  If people respond to an email blast or other promotion, then certainly follow up, but cold-calling risks getting a no.  And once you get a no, it’s next to impossible to turn them around later.  Taking a “spring break” will be difficult but will give people some time to get a handle on their situation. 

Certainly, if you’ve already been talking with or corresponding with someone, then be empathetic, ask how they’re doing and ask if it’s ok to continue discussing advertising.  Maybe they prefer to reconnect in a week or so.

Bottom line?

  • Give people a couple of weeks to get a handle on things.
  • Be reactive to responses from email blasts and other promotions.
  • Avoid cold-calling for a while, but if you have to,
  • Be empathetic with existing prospects and ask if it’s ok to continue talking about advertising.

Things will get better, they always do.

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