Still Posting PDFs To Your Website?

by | Nov 8, 2019

PDFs are great but when they’re posted to websites, they are virtually  invisible.  Google and other search engines cannot see the content of a PDF.  That Community Guide, Magazine or Newsletter PDF posted to your website? No one will find it.

Did you know:

  1. PDFs posted to your website are completely invisible to Google and other search engines?
  2. Downloading a full community guide PDF can take a long time, especially on mobile devices?
  3. Nothing inside the PDF will come up in a search?
  4. Who wants to download a big, unknown file to their device these days?

With a flipbook:

  1. Users are more engaged.
  2. Content is fully visible to search engines.
  3. No files download to your device.
  4. Content loads quickly.
  5. All web addresses live, including member listings.
  6. Extras like videos, audio and other cool stuff can be embedded to make the experience more rich.

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