Five Social Media Strategies to Drive Readers to Your Online Community Guide

by | Sep 19, 2016

Your online community guide is full of interesting content that promotes your community and your members. You probably make a big announcement when it’s published, but what do you do to keep the Guide top of mind throughout the year? Here are five strategies to keep readers turning those pages all year long

1.  It’s All About Image.

Image-based content attracts more engagement, 39% more on Facebook and 200% more on Twitter. No doubt your Chamber’s Guide is full of powerful images that tell the story of your community and your members. Put those images to work in posts. Be sure to add a line of text to the update that gives your audience a reason (and a link) to view the online community guide for the full story.2.

2. Share a Secret.

Who can resist a secret? Does your Guide cover aspects of your community that may not be common knowledge? Peruse your articles for some interesting nuggets of information then add these proven-to-be-magic words to your post, “little known.” E.g. “Little Known Fact: Our local library actually has a cat on staff. Check out page 33 for his job description. (link to your guide).” The people who do know the secret will be quick to comment on the post and those who don’t know will be quick to click to find out more.

3. Reel them in.

A great headline can hook your audience. You’ve got plenty of articles in your Guide to work with, but the headlines you use in print may not be as effective in hooking your online audience. Your headlines need to make them want more. E.g. instead of recycling the print headline of “Learning Is Part Of Our Lifestyle,” in your social media post try “What Everyone Needs To Know About Our Local School District.” Give them the page number and the link to your online community guide.

4. The Power Of Please.

The word “please” on Twitter is considered “high engagement language,” meaning, when you use it, your followers are more likely to interact with you and your tweet than when you post a straight call to action. The words “Retweet” and “Check out” are also high engagement terms. So instead of posting a link with the text “The Guide is out, view it here,” try posting the link with “Check out our latest online community guide. Please retweet!” Not only will more people click to view it, but you’ll increase the reach of your message with retweets.

5. Call Them Out.

Your member advertisers invested in your publication. Show them a little love by calling them out on your social media platforms, but make it interesting so others will click through to see what the hub-bub is all about. E.g. “Your ad in the Guide is making us hungry @JoniesCafe! Page 23 #ChocolateMadness”

Your online Community Guide is a goldmine of social media content. By tapping into that content and using it as part of your regular social media posting routine, you will increase the engagement on your platforms and drive more traffic to the online version of your Guide. More traffic means more visibility for the Chamber and more value for your member advertisers.

Want to improve the quality and financial performance of your chamber membership directory or community guide? Let’s talk! We’re different from turnkey chamber directory publishers. Contact us now to discuss your project.

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