Webinar: Make Your Calls Count

by | Nov 10, 2020

Take a strategic approach to making your outreach count during a crisis and be truly relevant.

A crisis is an opportunity for your chamber of commerce or association to convene solutions and be relevant. This webinar takes a strategic approach to reaching out to members, clearly identifying their needs and providing real support. The end result is the community gets the right help and the chamber gets a success story to tell later.

From this webinar you will learn:
1. How to be relevant during a crisis
2. How to identify the top 3 issues during a crisis
3. Specific questions to ask during crisis outreach calls
4. How to create a positive story for your organization to share after the crisis passes

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Ed Burzminski is President/CEO of Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc., a publishing project management and consulting firm specializing in chamber of commerce directories, guides and maps.  CMP’s unique model gives chambers total control, full financial transparency, utilizes local vendors and lets the chamber decide how much profit the publication will generate.  Contact us now.

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