Protect Non-Dues Revenue from Inflation

by | Jul 15, 2022

Inflation just hit 9.1 percent. How will that affect non-dues revenue?

I’m not sure but after 9/11, ad sales in chamber of commerce publications cratered, and some chamber of commerce publishers collapsed. In 2008, ad sales took a nose-dive and some chamber publishers collapsed. During COVID, some places saw surprisingly strong ad sales, while elsewhere ad sales were practically non-existent, and some chamber publishers collapsed.

It’s anybody’s guess what will happen in 2023, but one thing you can do today is start looking at ways to strengthen your non-dues revenue streams!

Chamber Marketing Partners helps chambers of commerce take control of their non-dues revenue from publications, with a sustainable model for in-house publishing.

If ad sales in your publication is fifty thousand dollars or more, give me a call. No pitch, Just a conversation and maybe some alternatives for you to consider.

Learn more at ChamberMarketingPartners.com. Call me at 800-428-1798 x101, email me at ed@chambermarketingpartners.com or click the link below to schedule a Zoom call.

It’s your brand, they’re your members and it’s your revenue stream. Shouldn’t you be in complete control?

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