Top 10 Chamber Publishing Horror Stories

by | Oct 27, 2015

Chamber publishing doesn’t have to be scary, but sometimes it is. We surveyed a group of chamber executives and came up with this list of the Top 10 Chamber Publishing Horror Stories.

10. The Tie that Binds

“We weren’t happy with our publication, but our contract gives the publisher first right of refusal, so we’re stuck with them for another year!”

9. Delays Ahead

“Sales were slower than anticipated, the publisher extended the sales period and our book was delayed by several months!”

8. Left in the Dark

“Our publisher doesn’t tell us anything. We have no idea what the project budget is or how sales are going. We just wait and hope that it all works out in the end.”

7. More Than We Can Handle

“We decided to publish in-house, but our staff doesn’t have the time to focus on it. Now we’re almost a year late in publishing!”

“My CEO tasked me with publishing our guide, but I have no clue what to do!”

6. Not So Turnkey After All

“Our publisher offered no support on editorial or photos. We were left to write the articles and come up with the photography on our own!”

“Our publisher is having us sell the ads, but we are not getting any additional royalty for doing it. Staff time is being diverted from selling memberships with no added financial benefit to the chamber.”

5. The Numbers Don’t Add Up

“Our publisher offers a 30% royalty, but the chamber pays for printing. So we end up with 5% profit.”

“I get a 10% royalty but then I have to mail the books to my members. That’s expensive!”

4. No Local Connection

“It’s ironic that the process of pulling together a publication meant to promote the community has so little community connectivity. The majority of the project’s revenue flows back to the state where the publisher is located. The sales people aren’t local, they don’t know our community and don’t treat our members the way we would treat them. And member printers aren’t given the opportunity to bid on the print job!”

3. No Control

“We have no say about the design. Our publisher uses a cookie cutter template that doesn’t come close to matching our branding.”

2. Now What?

“We had 10,000 books delivered. Our publisher gave us no direction or support on getting them distributed. They’re sitting in boxes in our conference room. We’ll probably end up dumping thousands of them when it is time for the next publication. What a waste!”

1. Out of Business

“Our publisher went out of business in the middle of our project. We received no book and no royalty check. The publisher kept the ad sales and the chamber staff had to pick up the pieces to make it right with our members. We scrambled to put the directory together ourselves and ate the costs.”

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