No More Angry Calls From Members Program

One less thing to worry about – When a member calls, it won’t be because their Directory listing is wrong with our Member Verification & Listing Sales Program.

Do any of these questions ring a bell for you…

  • Are your listing-verification email blasts reaching less than half the membership?
  • Do members complain that their listing information is wrong?
  • Are members really updating their info on their own?
  • What else could staff get done if they weren’t spending time updating member listing info?

Through Chamber Marketing Partners’ unique Member Verification Program, each member is contacted both by US Mail and with a phone call from a real person (based in the U.S.) to update their listing info.

Members who might not have bought an ad in the Guide can still participate through a listing upgrade at a low price (e.g., bold listing, additional category, box listing with extra text or add a logo to their listings).  And the Chamber makes money.

You’ll get updated listing information, an InDesign file of listings ready for your directory publisher or your graphic artist to drop into their layout and generate some non-dues revenue, too!

Sleep with confidence knowing that your member data is current and accurate.

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