Non-dues Revenue For Chambers of Commerce

What is non-dues revenue and why chambers need it

What is Non-due Revenue?

Chamber Non-Dues Revenue: What is it and How it Works for Chambers of Commerce

Non dues revenue, often referred to as non-dues revenue, plays a crucial role in the sustainability and growth of chambers of commerce. In this comprehensive chamber guide, we will delve deeper into the concept of non-dues revenue and explore various non dues revenue ideas and chamber of commerce tips that can help chambers thrive and continue their valuable work within their communities.

Why Chambers Need Non-Dues Revenue?

Non-dues revenue, as the name suggests, refers to income generated by chambers of commerce that doesn’t originate from membership dues. It’s the financial lifeline that empowers chambers to diversify their income streams, reducing their dependence on membership fees alone.

Benefits of Non-Dues Revenue?


Increase your ability to support your members by having the resources to host events, offer classes and provide marketing aide.




Improving your additional revenue streams will enable you to grow your local Chamber chapters to benefit your members.

More Tips to Diversify your Non-dues Revenue Streams!

Watch Ed Burzminski, president of Chamber Marketing Partners, talk about more tips to diversify your non-dues revenue streams, written by FORUM Magazine editors.