Bulverde-Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce Community Guide Generates Substantial Non-Dues Revenue With Help From Chamber Marketing Partners


With large numbers of people moving to San Antonio, the Bulverde-Spring Branch Area Chamber of Commerce, 20 miles north of the city, was looking for a way to promote its fantastic quality of life to new residents and those looking for slower paced living just outside of San Antonio.  Rhonda Zunker, the Chamber’s CEO, hired Chamber Marketing Partners to help redefine the Chamber’s Directory and generate some huge non-dues revenue. Working as a team with the Chamber, Chamber Marketing Partners helped rethink, redesign and re-brand the directory into the modern, quality relocation guide and business directory titled, “Bulverde-Spring Branch The Guide.”

Developers liked the direction the upgraded publication was headed and participated in a big way. The Chamber’s return on the project, after all expenses was well into the mid-20% range and local vendors were tapped to bid on parts of the project.

The Chamber had complete control of the finances and because advertisers paid the Chamber directly, the money stayed local and the Chamber was able to protect its members’ investments.

An unexpected benefit of working with Chamber Marketing Partners?  The ability to outsource the often arduous process of membership verification. The Chamber took advantage of CMP’s member verification/listing enhancement sales program, which not only verifies member data to ensure accurate directory listings, but also generates additional revenue for upgraded listings.

After the rebranding and repositioning, the new “Guide” won second place at the 2015 Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives publication awards.

“CMP provides us with access to professionals who could handle parts of the project that we could not.”

Rhonda Zunker

President & CEO, Bulverde/Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce

2018 Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Award Winning Publication

1st place – Directories & Community Profiles ($250,000 – $499,999 category)

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