Non-Dues Revenue & Increased Member Visibility: Corona Chamber of Commerce Works With Chamber Marketing Partners To Achieve 27% Return On Sales And Get 15,000 Copies Of Its Business Directory Out Into The Community

“We had a lousy track record of producing directories. One of the brightest thing that could have happened was CMP coming into our lives.”

Bobby Spiegel

President & CEO, Corona Chamber of Commerce

The Corona Chamber of Commerce is a returning client for Chamber Marketing Partners, and the Chamber’s returns on its project keep getting better! The 2016 Corona Guide achieved a 27% return on sales. That’s after a copy of the book was mailed to each member and 15,000 copies were distributed throughout the community.

The Corona Chamber also took advantage of CMP’s member verification program to ensure that member listing information in the publication was up to date and to offer some additional affordable visibility options for members with smaller budgets.

Corona Chamber of Commerce Community Guide & Directory

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