Glendale Chamber of Commerce Promotes Community And Earns Non-Dues Revenue With Help From Chamber Marketing Partners

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce fell victim to a failed publisher. In the middle of producing the chamber’s business directory, the turnkey publisher they were contracted with collapsed. The Chamber was left empty-handed, with no publication and no royalty check.

Chamber President/CEO Judee Kendall did not want to go through that again. She was ready for a change. She wanted to take control of her publication, so she contacted Chamber Marketing Partners for help.

Chamber Marketing Partners helped Judee transform the chamber’s stale business directory into a publication with purpose, one that targeted the large number of business travelers to the city and showcased the city’s vibrant arts community.

The result was a high performing publication that provided a boost to the chamber’s bottom line, utilized local vendors and targeted an unique and important segment of the community’s visitor traffic.

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