Granbury Chamber of Commerce Finds Sustainable In-House Publishing Model With Chamber Marketing Partners

2018 Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Award Winning Publication

2nd place – Directories & Community Profiles ($500,000 – $799,999 category)

The Granbury Chamber of Commerce in Texas is one of those chambers of commerce that has been highly successful in producing  business directories completely in-house and on their own. The Chamber Business Directory was an award-winning publication, but Chamber President and CEO Mike Scott knew that staff changes or other circumstances could impact the long-term success of the model. Mike wanted a more sustainable way to continue publishing in-house, so he turned to Chamber Marketing Partners for help.

Granbury’s staff sold the ads, with Chamber Marketing Partners developing new sales strategies, and sales increased by 30% over the prior year. Mike and his team took advantage of CMP’s member verification program which provided the chamber with a cleaned-up member list.

Working with Chamber Marketing Partners, Mike and his team retained control of their project, revised the look and content of their publication, reached sales levels that exceeded expectations, kept the project local and have a partner in CMP that provides the Granbury Chamber of Commerce with a sustainable model for in-house publishing.



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