Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Transforms Outdated Business Directory Into A Community Marketing Publication With Help From Chamber Marketing Partners

In 2014, approximately one-million square feet of commercial space was under construction in the Hollywood, CA area, much of it on spec without any tenants. Leron Gubler, CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce wanted to help those developers attract tenants by publishing an Economic Profile that featured a snapshot of the community. Leron felt this new Economic Profile could replace his aging chamber business directory. Leron partnered with Ed Burzminski of Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc. to devise a strategy. Rather than shut down the steady revenue stream from the outdated business directory to launch a brand new publication with no track record, they instead, leveraged the existing revenue stream by revitalizing the current Directory, adding a built-in Economic Profile to the publication.

The business directory was rebranded the “Hollywood Guide” which included a separate section titled “Hollywood Business & Community Profile.” Not only was the “Profile” a special section of the “Guide,” it also was overprinted as a separate, stand-alone publication that could be distributed to developers. The result? The Chamber preserved a consistent revenue stream, completely redesigned, rebranded and made their new “Guide” more contemporary and relevant while building an advertising base for their new “Profile.” After all expenses, including mailing more than 10,000 copies throughout the community, the Chamber netted a 17% return from this in-house project.

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