Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Hires Chamber Marketing Partners To Help Publish Their Annual Business Directory In-House

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce had worked with an outside publisher on its annual business directory for years. While the royalty check they received was helpful, it was not a significant boost to the Chamber’s bottom line – if felt like there was a gap between the amount of ad sales and the royalty that the Chamber received. Staff had complained that working with the outsider publisher was a hassle. The Chamber contacted Chamber Marketing Partners for help.

“Chamber Marketing Partners offers the perfect middle ground,” said Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Mandy Deneaux. “It gives you the freedom and flexibility, as well as the control and ownership that you are looking for without having to take on the risk of bringing it in-house completely.”

Chamber Marketing Partners brought in an outside ad sales team and worked with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce to transform the publication into an annual magazine, relocation guide and business directory. The transformation included redesigning, reformatting and rebranding the publication and developing a targeted distribution plan to maximize the value of members’ advertising investments.

“You make more money with less work and you can’t beat that. It’s a win, win…win proposition.”
Gary Toebben

Former President & CEO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

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