Manhattan Beach Destination Guide Earns Rave Reviews and More Non-Dues Revenue

“We’ve had a lot of very positive responses to the entire guide… they love the way the Guide looks. They love the clean design and layout. They like the articles. They just find the Guide really refreshing. And everybody is saying it’s the best and most well laid out Destination Guide.”
Kelly Stroman

President/CEO, Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce

As the new CEO of the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, Mark Lipps was looking for opportunities for the Chamber to earn more non-dues revenue. The Chamber had been using an outside turnkey publisher to produce Chamber publications for years, and that’s one area where Mark and his staff saw potential for growth.

Mark hired Chamber Marketing Partners to help the Chamber produce a showcase publication in-house. They developed a new concept from the ground up, working with the city of Manhattan Beach to create a destination guide to attract and serve visitors and “bleisure” (millennial business/leisure) travelers.

Chamber Marketing Partners brought-in an outside, professional sales person. The Chamber generated invoices allowing better monitoring of members’ overall investment in the Chamber.

Mark also appreciated that the publication was an authentic representation of the community and that through the CMP model, he was able to control the budget.

Kelly Strohman, the successor CEO saw the Destination Guide deliver stellar performance while selling ads in the deepest part of the pandemic in 2020.  

The result was a destination guide that the Chamber and the City could be proud of, rave reviews from the community, and increased non dues revenue for the Chamber.