Mesquite Nevada Chamber of Commerce Business & Visitor Guide generates substantial non-dues revenue and improves their publications process

“I don’t think that I would ever go backwards and take a royalty check. I couldn’t do it, couldn’t do it. It was too hard to track.”

Carol Kolson

President & CEO, Mesquite Chamber of Commerce

Carol Kolson, CEO of the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce in Nevada had the right idea when she produced a Business Directory & Visitor Guide as an in-house project, but the process wasn’t exactly smooth using volunteers and some local resources. Carol knew she needed help for the next edition, but she still wanted to keep the project in-house.

After substantial research and due diligence, Carol hired Chamber Marketing Partners to provide coaching and project management for the 2020 edition while still maintaining full control of the publication as an in-house project.

With a team of only 3 staff and just shy of 300 members, Carol decided the chamber had the deepest relationship with members so having staff sell ads seemed like the best option. And how right she was… Ad sales soared! Being able to dialog with members about their business and tailor an advertising package to their particular situation proved to be the successful combination.

Carol and her team soaked-up CMP’s sales coaching creating new sales opportunities that gave advertisers multiple ways to tell their story.
Ad sales exceeded goal, CMP’s project manager helped Carol’s team focus on their strengths while he kept all the back-end parts of the project running on track.

Bottom line? The 2020 Business & Visitor’s Guide exceeded goal, profit was substantial, advertisers were happy, the board was excited and everyone benefited from an upgraded design.

Total control, flexible content and local vendors. That’s how things go with Chamber Marketing Partners.

Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc. provides a sustainable model for in-house publishing. Already publishing in-house? See how the Venice Area Chamber in Florida streamlined their process, unburdened staff, and brought deep magazine publishing experience to their management team.  Our unique model provides as-needed resources, helping increase sales, reduce costs and improve non-dues revenue contribution.

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