After Its Publisher Collapsed, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce Discovers Safer Model With Chamber Marketing Partners


It was a worst-case scenario for a chamber. The publisher, contracted to produce the Newport Beach Chamber’s Business Directory, abruptly went out of business, leaving the Chamber empty-handed, with no printed Directory and no royalty check.

Jeff Parker, Vice President of Operations for the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce,  did not want to take a risk with a publisher again. So, when CEO Steve Rosansky wanted a contemporary publication to let the business and residential community know about the Chamber’s new direction, Jeff found a creative and safe solution with Chamber Marketing Partners.

Jeff wanted control of the publication, the kind of control that can only be achieved by bringing the project in-house. Having previously published in-house, Jeff knew that in-house publishing can come with its own set of challenges, particularly the strain it can place on staff. Chamber Marketing Partners solved the problem by project-managing all aspects of the project for the Chamber.

The CMP model gave Jeff the control he wanted along with a thorough and well-executed distribution strategy to ensure maximum visibility for the publication and its advertisers.

Working with CMP also allowed the Chamber to tell its story through an editorial article featuring the Chamber’s message. A chamber member sold the ads, a local designer created the layout and CMP’s project management team kept all of the moving parts under control and on schedule. Most importantly, all of the advertiser payments flowed directly into the Chamber, under Jeff’s watchful eye.