Total control, full financial transparency, local vendors, a cleaned-up member database and the Chamber decides how much money it makes from the Directory. We checked all the boxes for the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce.

After the collapse of their long-time turnkey publisher, Jeff Parker, Vice President of Operations for the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce,  did not want to take a risk with an outside publisher again. So, when CEO Steve Rosansky wanted a contemporary publication to let the business and residential community know about the Chamber’s direction and economic vitality, Jeff found a creative and safe solution with Chamber Marketing Partners.

Jeff wanted control of the publication and turned to Chamber Marketing Partners’ unique model to provide total control, full financial transparency, local vendors and the ability for the Chamber to decide how much money it wanted to make.

Chamber members were provided the opportunity to tell their stories through creative, editorial-style advertorial advertising.

A thorough and well-executed distribution strategy ensured maximum visibility for the publication, member advertisers and the Chamber. Most of the 15,000 copies are strategically distributed to businesses and residents without having boxes upon boxes filling up the Chamber’s offices.

Most importantly, the Chamber controlled all the cash – all advertiser payments flowed directly into the Chamber, not to us.  The Chamber had full control of the project budget, member advertising monies were protected and the financial performance generated more than double what the Chamber had seen with a traditional turnkey publisher.

Total control, full financial transparency, local vendors on the project and the Chamber decides how much non-dues revenue it will make.

Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc. provides a sustainable model for in-house publishing. Already publishing in-house? See how the Venice Area Chamber in Florida streamlined their process, unburdened staff, and brought deep magazine publishing experience to their management team.  Our unique model provides as-needed resources, helping increase sales, reduce costs and improve non-dues revenue contribution.

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