Plano Chamber of Commerce in Texas Finds Sustainable In-House Publishing Model With Chamber Marketing Partners

The economic development activity in Plano, Texas was through the roof! With so many large corporations relocating their headquarters along with many new jobs to the area, the Plano Chamber needed a business directory that not only shared the stories of the community and its businesses with new residents and employers, but one that also earned the Chamber much valued non-dues revenue.

Jamee Jolly, CEO of the Plano Chamber of Commerce called on Chamber Marketing Partners to help. The Directory was re-branded the “Relocation and Community Guide” reflecting what was currently happening in the community and the future opportunities. Jamee sent boxes of the new “Guides” to management at the relocating companies to disseminate to their employees so they could see the fantastic quality of life and economic vitality that Plano has to offer.

The rebranding was a big hit. Ad sales nearly doubled and the Chamber’s financial return was well into the mid-20% range.

Keeping the money local and using local vendors was a priority for Jamee. A local writer, photographer and printer were hired for the project. Advertisers paid the Chamber directly, protecting members’ investments and adding some punch to the Chamber’s revenue.

Total control, flexible content and local vendors. That’s how things go with Chamber Marketing Partners.

“We are able to contract with a local writer, use a local photographer and print locally, which was very important to me.”

Jamee Jolly

Former President & CEO, Plano Chamber of Commerce

TCCE Award Winner
Directories & Community Profiles ($800,000+ category)
2019 – 1st place
2018 – 2nd place
2017 – 1st place


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