Visit Temecula Valley Works With Chamber Marketing Partners to Create the Temecula Valley Southern California Wine Country Visitor Guide

With millions of tourist visiting Temecula Valley every year, Visit Temecula Valley needed a visitor guide that showcased the region in style. They had been distributing a booklet style publication, but felt it was time to upgrade to a glossy, magazine format.

They hired Chamber Marketing Partners as a turnkey publisher for the new version of the guide. Working with Chamber Marketing Partners, Visit Temecula Valley was able to upgrade the look and format of their visitor guide and meet the revenue goals they had established for the project.


Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc. provides a sustainable model for in-house publishing. Already publishing in-house? See how the Venice Area Chamber in Florida streamlined their process, unburdened staff, and brought deep magazine publishing experience to their management team.  Our unique model provides as-needed resources, helping increase sales, reduce costs and improve non-dues revenue contribution.

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