“We’re a chamber of commerce, it was extremely important that we be able to use local vendors. Through our relationship with Chamber Marketing Partners, we’ve been able to contract with a local writer. We’ve also been able to use a local photographer and we were able to print locally, which was very important to me.”

Jamee Jolly

Former President & CEO, Plano Chamber of Commerce

“The option we have with CMP is a happy medium between an outside publisher and publishing in-house.”

Ken Oplinger

President & CEO, The Chamber of the Santa Barbara Region

“If you want a new spirit, a new creative look at your project, and guaranteed delivery, Chamber Marketing Partners is your answer.”

Steven Rose

CEO, Culver City Chamber of Commerce

“We made five times more profit on our Directory… It’s a partnership that works.”

David Eads

Executive Vice President & COO, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Marketing Partners

“This is the first time we’ve seen a budget from a company that we’re working with.”

Cindy Roth

President & CEO, Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce

“We will only publish in-house with the help of our consultant, CMP.”

Jerry Wheeler, Sr., IOM

President & CEO, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

“CMP provided us with access to professionals who could handle parts of the project that we could not.”

Rhonda Zunker

President & CEO, Bulverde/Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce

Jamee Jolly, Plano Chamber of Commerce
Sharon Mayer, Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce
Bobby Spiegel, Corona Chamber of Commerce
Cindy Roth, Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce
Jerry Wheeler, Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce

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