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Yes! I want info about generating more non-dues revenue.

Publications that ROCK!

Can Publications make 30% or more non-dues revenue returns?

Imagine if your publications looked awesome, used local vendors, made a bunch of money, connected with readers and generated sales year-round?  What if you controlled the budget, held the cash and had total control over the project?  What if you could add another touch point and better monitor members’ investment in the Chamber? And YOU decided how much money to make? 

Rock Your Community Guides, Directories, Magazines & Maps! It’s what we do. 

Verify & Monetize Member Listings

Can Members Listings Be Verified AND Generate Revenue Without Staff Burden?

What if members were called by a U.S.-based, real human to verify their directory information BEFORE being printed?  What if you got updated data without burdening staff?  What if directory listings could generate extra revenue?  What if you got a layout file packaged and ready for your designer or your publisher?  

Clean up the member database and make money!  It’s what we do. 

Publication Websites

Can My Publications Have a Real Website, AND a Flipbook or PDF?

Imagine your publications connecting with, and engaging new audiences online?  Might adding a dedicated website to Community Guides, Destination Guides, Economic Profiles, Magazines, Maps and other publications create more value?  What if it also generated non-dues revenue?  Check out our growing online community at OurCommunityGuide.com.

Dedicated Websites Engage, Interact and Enhance Publications!  It’s what we do. 

In-House Publishing Resources & Support

How Can My In-House Publishing Perform Better?

What if you had a menu of publishing resources to pick only what you need? Competitive pricing for printing, graphic design, map cartography, flip books, publication websites?  Maybe some coaching and guidance on planning, ad sales, budgeting, promoting, design, content, distribution?  Or where to find the right resources and ask the right questions?

Pick the services you need, only when you need them!  It’s what we do.  

The Ad Sales Huddle

Ad Sales and Publishing Roundtable

Learn best practices, sell better and overcome objections. Huddle online with us once a month for a nuts-and-bolts discussion about ad sales and producing successful publications.  Share and solve issues, learn best practices, help each other sell better and overcome objections and join a network of peers.  Connect with Chamber professionals across the Country who sell their own ads and produce publications.  This is a participatory roundtable via Zoom.

NO COST to join. Total value.  

“Non-Dues Revenue Ideas” Podcast

Chamber pros sharing non-dues revenue strategies

Learn entrepreneurial non-dues revenue ideas from chamber leaders, professionals and visionaries who share their creative dues and non-dues revenue strategies. Learn from major metros to one-person operations.  Listen on your favorite podcast source, watch on YouTube or find them on our website. 

Know someone we should interview? Let us know!

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Improve the performance of your publications.

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