Is your Chamber calling on member businesses to find out how they are doing during a crisis?  Find out how to take a strategic approach to really make those call count and make the chamber truly relevant.

COVID-19 continues to challenge businesses of all sizes in your community. You’ve reached out as a chamber to check-in, but did it make a difference? In this webinar, find out how you can make your calls count by gathering information that you can use to mount an effort to solve your business community’s biggest COVID-19 challenges. COVID-19 is giving your chamber an opportunity to prove its relevance.

Learn how to determine exactly what problems COVID-19 has created for your business community, position the Chamber as a true champion for business and generate a positive message of relevance for the Chamber to tell later. 

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Ed Burzminski is President/CEO of Chamber Marketing Partners, Inc., a publishing project management and consulting firm specializing in chamber of commerce directories, guides and maps.  CMP’s unique model gives chambers total control, full financial transparency, utilizes local vendors and lets the chamber decide how much profit the publication will generate.  Contact us now.