Carol Kolson
300 members.
3 Staff
33% profit
What's a royalty? You decide how much money to make from a publication.
"I don't think that I would ever go backwards and take a royalty check. I couldn't do it... Couldn't do it."
Carol Kolson
Mesquite Chamber of Commerce
Rhonda Zunker
Wins First Place: Directories & Community Profiles
And substantial non-dues revenue for this 3-person chamber of commerce
"CMP provides us with access to professionals who could handle parts of the project that we could not."
Rhonda Zunker
President/CEO, Bulverde-Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce
Sharon Mayer
Control freaks love this
Total control over the money a publication generates.
"I'm a freak when it comes to controlling money. Chamber Marketing Partners allowed me to control all the money from my members."
Sharon Mayer
Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce
Steve Rose
Ad sales increased 48% and profit increased 114%!
This chamber's in-house publication was resurrected and supercharged.
“I needed a fresh perspective and Chamber Marketing Partners seemed like they had the publishing expertise to help revitalize the directory… and help it start making a healthy profit again."
Steven Rose
Former CEO, Culver City Chamber of Commerce

Generating substantial non-dues revenue from magazine-style, chamber of commerce publications without a traditional publisher.

Total financial control, local vendors, flexible content, better monitoring of member investment, protection from failing publishers… We are different.

Chamber Marketing Partners core model is being a project manager for chamber of commerce publications, where the chamber becomes the publisher. Much like a general contractor is hired to build a house, CMP is hired by the Chamber as a project manager to produce an in-house publication. The CMP model provides a safe middle ground between the risks and low returns associated with turnkey publishers and the staff burden of publishing completely in-house.

This unique model turns the tables on the traditional chamber publishing royalty scenario. Instead of the chamber receiving a royalty check representing a percentage of sales, the chamber receives all of the revenue and pays us a percentage for the work we do.

Our team of professionals becomes an extension of your team, providing expertise in ad sales, project management, marketing and editorial strategy, sales coaching and more for your community guide, chamber membership directory or other publication.

Publications are in print, online as flipbooks and in dedicated publication websites allowing the publication to reach users wherever they are.

Don’t need full project management?  Perhaps just a print quote, or sales coaching, or help connecting with an audience, or design, or member verification and monetizing member listings… Our a la carte services can help.

Most importantly, the project stays local and members are encouraged to bid on any part of the project.

Total Financial Control
We develop a transparent budget for your project, giving you complete control over the profit. Advertisers, your members/community partners, pay the chamber, not us. Providing your members additional trustworthiness with the publication/project. You you receive all the revenue and pay us a percentage for the work we do to manage the project for you.  We turn the royalty around!

Our way of doing things combines all of the benefits of publishing in-house without the risk or the workload of managing the project on your own. The result is you receive a totally customized publication that reflects your branding, the needs of your members, and the true character of your community. And, the maximum amount of revenue flows into your chamber’s budget!









Local Vendors
We understand how important is for chambers of commerce to utilize members for goods and services whenever possible. Our model provides you with the ability to do that. Chamber members are invited to participate in the RFP process for printing, design, photography, copywriting and other project-related functions. This aspect of our model was very important to the Plano Chamber of Commerce.
Member Data Verification & Monetizing
Keeping member listing data is challenging. With CMP’s member verification and listing enhancement program, your members are contacted personally by a professional, U.S.-based team to verify and update member listings. When they are contacted, members are also offered an opportunity to enhance their listings, providing increased visibility for members with smaller budgets.

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Dedicated Publication Websites
A dedicated website based on your publication engages a user with a more dynamic experience, ties into your chamber’s branding and complements your chamber website.

OurCommunityGuide.com complements any publication with Yelp-style ads.

Editorial & Layout Flexibility
You decide how the publication will look and what stories to tell. We don’t use a cookie-cutter template. Your publication is completely customized for your community.
Protection From Failed Publishers
It happens. Chamber directory publishers collapse, leaving chambers with no royalty check, no publication and broken promises to their member advertisers. Our model eliminates that risk completely by eliminating the third party publisher. When you work with us, your chamber becomes the publisher. Your project has a budget and you make the decisions every step of the way. Even more importantly, when your members invest in advertising in your membership directory, community guide or other publication, they pay the chamber, not Chamber Marketing Partners. The chamber controls the money to ensure that members’ advertising dollars are protected.

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